Working conditions at Easytees are not unlike those of Australia or other western countries. 


Our working hours are 8.30am till 5.30 pm, with 1 hour for lunch. We offer overtime from time to time which is usually only 3 hours and we provide dinner for those that choose to work overtime. Our youngest worker is 18 years old but the average age would be 30. Indonesia has very good medical insurance for workers. We choose to pay for the insurance for our staff and their families if needed. Unlike many garment producers in Bali, Easytees is a PT, (Proprietary Limited) company, which means we are paying the correct taxes to the government which in return benefits the people. We follow work related legislation, including paying the correct wages and insurance. 


Many sewers in China and Bangladesh are paid daily wages and have a target quantity they need to reach per day. Our sewers are paid on piecework which allows them to grow their income as the business grows. Our screen printing department is subcontracted to one of our workers. He chooses to employ his family and friends to help him grow his business. Above all, we can laugh and joke and play music. The biggest problem is the clash between loud 90s rock music in the screen printing department and traditional Indonesian music in the sewing department.

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